Belzona Composite Repair Solutions

Belzona engineered 100% solids composite repair materials can strengthen weakened or holed pipes, vessels, tanks and other equipment.

Belzona Composite Repair Solutions

    Pipes, vessels, tanks and other equipment can suffer from internal and external erosion and corrosion as well as environmental attack which can compromise their performance and integrity. This damage often leads to thin-wall or even through-wall defects. Cold-applied, composite repairs strengthen equipment and solve the problem for the long term, using a 100% solids polymeric solution, which requires no hot work. They are applied in-situ minimising costly downtime.

    Belzona specialises in delivering engineered composite wrap and cold bonding systems for repair and new build situations, which vary in size and complexity. We address such issues as:

    • External and internal corrosion
    • Live leaks and through-wall defects
    • Deterioration of large metal structures, such as decks, tanks, roofs and floors
    • Damage to complex geometries in vessels and pipework, including bends, tees and flanges
    • Weakening of equipment foundations to support and maintain precise alignment under machinery

    Belzona has been supplying composite solutions to various industries for over six decades. Years of research, development and customer feedback have resulted in systems that are unique and bespoke, which offer solutions in areas where:

    • Operating temperatures and pressures are elevated
    • Aggressive acids and alkalis are stored or processed
    • Water, oil and other contamination is present
    • Erosion and abrasion occur externally or internally

    Thin- and Through-Wall Defect Repairs

    Thin-wall defects caused by internal or external erosion, corrosion, impact, abrasion or mechanical damage are common problems that affect pipes, tanks, engine casings, wear pads and other pieces of equipment. If these problems are not addressed on time, asset integrity can be compromised and there is a high probability that environmental and safety hazards will occur. It is critical to return strength to the weakened equipment rapidly in order to minimise equipment downtime. Belzona cold applied systems can repair and strengthen damaged assets with the use of doubler plates or pipe wraps.

    The Belzona cold bonding repair uses cold-curing materials such as Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) to bond doubler plates over damaged areas offering high pressure retention while demonstrating exceptional bond strength. Alternatively, a fluid-grade material such as Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade) can be used for larger plate bonding applications or where complex geometries are involved as an alternative to high risk repairs associated with hot work. The material can be simply injected behind the plate to quickly bond it permanently in place.

    Reinforced Belzona wraps are regularly used for the permanent repair of low pressure, non-critical equipment. Belzona pipe wraps can be applied in situ and the pipework will not require stress relieving following application. In addition, these cold-curing repairs can take only a few hours to complete.

    Depending on the application situation, different epoxy composite materials can be specified for wrap repairs. Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) is suitable for many general applications. Depending on the size of the repair area, cure time may be extended with Belzona 1121 (Super XL-Metal) or shortened with Belzona 1212. These paste-grade materials are applied incorporating a high strength woven reinforcing sheet which provides strength to the repair.

    Through-wall defects and live leaks present major safety concerns as leakage of potentially harmful solutions into the environment can prove problematic to both personnel and equipment in the immediate vicinity. In addition, leaking pipes can also lead to a pressure drop which results in a reduction in the efficiency of the process. Belzona systems can stop the leak and seal the area instantly, without the need to shut down the process.

    Live leaks at low pressures can be stemmed effectively by using Belzona 9611 (ES Metal), a rapid-curing epoxy packaged as a stick and designed specifically to seal live leaks, followed by the application of a Belzona wrap to achieve a permanent repair.

    Where higher pressure repairs must be completed while the equipment is leaking, vent plates can be bonded in place using materials such as Belzona 1212. Once the Belzona material has cured, the vent can be closed, stopping the leak.

    Return strength to weakened or holed metallic surfaces

    Belzona SuperWrap II is one of the strongest composite pipe wrap systems on the market and its tensile shear adhesion actually increases in service.

    Belzona SuperWrap II provides a downtime saving alternative to welding and its cold-curing ability enables corrosion damaged components to be back online within as little as 24 hours. The system is supplied as a 100% solids resin, a carbon and glass fibre reinforcement sheet and a compression film which is applied in situ to pipes and vessels operating at various service temperatures and pressures.

    The versatility of this system allows for applications to any geometry of piping including bends and tees and resists a wide range of chemicals, oils and process fluids. By offering a design life longer than the anticipated asset life of the component, Belzona SuperWrap II provides a durable repair. Belzona SuperWrap II applications can be designed and completed in accordance with the ASME PCC-2 or ISO 24817 standards.

    Solutions to New Build Projects

    As well as repair solutions, Belzona composite materials offer unique benefits in new construction situations. Once cured, these cold-applied systems become durable with outstanding physical properties. Unlike metals, Belzona will not corrode and lends itself to a variety of applications.

    Equipment installation when hot work is not permissible or desirable can be facilitated using Belzona materials. Offering compressive strength of up to 18,980psi/130.8MPa, pull off adhesion of up to 3,240 psi/22.3MPa and flexural strength of up to 14,300 psi/98.6MPa, equipment, framework and supports can be bonded permanently and safely.

    Belzona composite solutions have been continuously used for applications including:

    • Bonding equipment to marine decks and offshore platforms, such as winches, accommodation blocks and cable trays
    • Installing handrail supports on tanks
    • Bonding internal furniture in high temperature and high pressure process vessels
    • Bonding pipe supports, preventing galvanic corrosion
    • Installing bushings and bearings including riser and rudder bearings


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