Belzona 8311 (Nato Fluid)

A lubrication system for penetration, lubrication, de-watering and corrosion protection of components.

Belzona 8311 (Nato Fluid)

Belzona 8311 (Nato Fluid) is a multi-purpose lubrication system for penetrating and releasing seized components caused through lack of lubrication at assembly or corrosion in service. This versatile lubricant consists of a blend of ionic and non-ionic molecules with both water-repellent (hydrophobic) and water seeking (hydrophilic) properties, providing an easily applied solution for long-term protection in aggressive environments.

Belzona 8311 (Nato Fluid) is supplied with a spraying pump for easy application by spray, brush or dripping.

Key benefits:

  • Simple to apply with no difficult surface preparation required
  • Spray-applied using non-pressurised containers
  • Protects inaccessible parts against corrosion
  • Compatible with mineral, vegetable and hydraulic oils
  • Outstanding electrical resistance

Applications for Belzona 8311 (Nato Fluid) include:

  • Release of seized components caused through lack of lubrication at assembly or corrosion in service
  • Lubricate complex or inaccessible parts
  • Corrosion protection for bright metal or machined parts in storage
  • Removal of water from mechanisms and electrical components

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