Belzona 5813

High Performance Static Dissipative, Solvent Free, Barrier Coating

Belzona 5813


Belzona 5813 is a solvent-free, two-component static dissipative barrier coating.

This epoxy based coating system is designed to transfer surface electrostatic charge build-up away from hazardous areas. Due to its excellent static dissipative properties, Belzona 5813 helps to eliminate electrostatic charge where flammable materials are stored.

Surfaces coated with Belzona 5813 prevent sparks, shorts, sudden discharge that can lead to an explosion.

Belzona 5813 is easy to mix and can be applied without the need of specialists tools.

Applications for Belzona 5813 include:

  • Static dissipative and chemically resistant coating for primary and secondary chemical containment areas
  • Fuel storage tanks where fluid is agitated i.e. pumping and piping and filtration systems
  • Static dissipative coating for refineries and grain silos, highly susceptible to static charge accumulation
  • Static dissipative floor coatings for factories and warehouses

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