Approvals and Policies

Belzona adheres to international quality and environmental standards.


Remaining at the forefront for innovation and advancement of industrial repair, protection and maintenance solutions, Belzona continues to adhere to international quality standards and environmental requirements. In fact, Belzona has taken a proactive approach to ensuring its practices avoid harm to people, society and the environment, whilst providing high quality product, performance and service excellence to our customers.

As a result, Belzona implemented its SHEQ Policy, emphasising the business' core principles of safety, health, environmental awareness and the provision of the highest quality materials. With this in mind, Belzona is compliant with ISO standards, which ensure these core values are reflected throughout the business. Belzona's ISO 9001 accreditation is essential to this policy, highlighting the management systems in place which help to deliver the highest levels of material quality, professional customer support and workplace safety.

Belzona proudly commits significant time, effort, and capital investment to reduce waste and the emission of chemicals (VOCs, isocyanates etc.) that could be hazardous to nature and human health. With chemicals inherently involved in the manufacturing process, Belzona is acutely aware of the need to meet and exceed its environmental responsibilities. The attainment of the ISO 14001 accreditation provides verification of organization's current achievements and dedication for future environmental initiatives.

Some globally recognised approvals, specific to individual products, can be found on the specific product page. In addition, further product approvals, specific to customers and industry, can be shared on request. Please contact us directly or your local Belzona representative for more information.