Belzona 3412

Flexible and peelable system, used for encapsulating flanges and bolt fastenings to protect against moisture ingress and prevent corrosion. 

Belzona 3412

A 2-part hybrid polymer coating for the encapsulation of any shape, size or configuration of flanged joint or other equipment. Designed to exclude moisture and prevent crevice, galvanic and atmospheric corrosion, Belzona 3412 is a tough, isocyanate-free, flexible topcoat which does not require heat or specialist tools for its application.

Belzona 3412 can be simply applied by brush or spray to new or deteriorated equipment to provide outstanding long-term corrosion protection. When used in combination with the release agent/corrosion inhibitor, Belzona 8411, the coating can be easily cut, peeled back and resealed to allow inspection of fastenings.

Additionally, Belzona 3412 can be used in conjunction with the Belzona Spray Gun. This facilitates a fast and efficient application whilst providing the same outstanding coverage and protection as a brush application.

Key benefits:

  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Peelable and resealable system, allowing easy access to fastenings if required
  • High visibility colour making repairs easily identifiable
  • Simple and quick to apply with no associated hot work
  • Fast cure to allow quick application
  • Excellent adhesion onto manually prepared surfaces
  • Excellent UV and environmental weathering resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Good fire resistance
  • Classed as low hazard making it safe to use
  • Brush or spray applicable

Applications for Belzona 3412 include:

  • Sealing of flanges, fastenings, fittings, connectors and other associated pipe elements
  • Preventing or stopping moisture ingress in various systems
  • Protection of new equipment from corrosion
Key technical data:
Corrosion resistance (ASTM B117) No corrosion after 3000 hours exposure to a salt-fog atmosphere at 35°C (95°F) 
90° Peel adhesion (ASTM D429) Manually prepared (ISO 8501-1 St 2) carbon steel: > 6 pli / 107 kg/m
Manually prepared solvent-free epoxy paint: > 8.2 pli / 146 kg/m
Manually prepared solvent-borne polyurethane paint: > 11 pli / 196 kg/m
Elongation (ASTM D412) Reinforced with Belzona 9311 = 52%
Unreinforced = 270%
Tensile strength (ASTM D412) Unreinforced = 500 psi / 3.4 MPa
Reinforced = 800 psi / 5.5 MPa
Tear strength (ASTM D624) Unreinforced = 100 pli / 1830 Kg/m
Reinforced with Belzona 9311 = 180 pli / 3180 Kg/m
Available colours Light grey, bright orange
Theoretical coverage rate Belzona 3412: 0.8 sq.m (8.6 sq.ft) at 1000 microns (40 mil) thicknes

Belzona 8411: 4.0 sq.m. (43 sq.ft) at 125 microns (5 mil) thickness
Overcoat time Belzona 3412: 1 hour
Belzona 8411: 1 hour
Typical applications Flanged joint encapsulation, corrosion protection, waterproofing, leak sealing
Unit size 515g
Availability* Global

* All products are subject to regional restrictions. Check with your local Distributor for more information

More information:

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