Belzona 4141FR

Fire-Resistant Concrete Repair System

Belzona 4141FR


Belzona 4141FR is a fire-resistant, lightweight repair composite for the rebuilding and protection of damaged vertical and overhead concrete surfaces.

This high-build system simplifies application whilst providing durable results, both thanks to its mechanical properties and the fact that it is fire resistant. It will not propagate flames and releases little to no smoke.

Additionally, as a solvent-free material, it is ideal for both internal and external masonry. It will not alter in appearance as it experiences no shrinkage during cure.

Key benefits:

  • Resistant to fire (Euroclass classification of B s1 d0)
  • Lightweight material can be applied onto vertical and overhead concrete surfaces
  • Can be applied indoors without any vapours emitting
  • Solvent-free system experiences no shrinkage, expansion or distortion upon curing

Applications for Belzona 4141FR:

  • High rise buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Underground car parking structures/parking lots
  • Metro/subway systems
  • Stations


More information:

For more information about Belzona 4141FR (Magma-Build) please contact us or find your local distributor.

You can apply to join Belzona Connect to access additional information including SDS and instructions for use.

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