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With our participation in tradeshows and conferences and our innovative news pertaining to our technologically advanced products and repair solutions, Belzona is constantly making headlines in the world of composite materials and coatings.


Issue #111 In Focus: Offshore Repairs

Constant salt spray and wave impact create perfect conditions for erosion and corrosion in the splash zone areas of offshore assets. Risers and platform legs, for instance, can become severely damaged due to continuous exposure to the erosive nature of the marine environment.In response to industry needs for permanent repair solutions which are not overly costly and can be completed with minimal disruption to operations, Belzona developed a range of systems that allow the repairs to be carried out in-situ. Read the latest issue of In:Focus magazine to learn about Belzona's surface-tolerant repair materials and coatings, ideal for offshore repairs.

Issue #111 In Focus: Offshore Repairs

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