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Belzona News and Events

With our participation in tradeshows and conferences and our innovative news pertaining to our technologically advanced products and repair solutions, Belzona is constantly making headlines in the world of composite materials and coatings.


Belzona speakers explore “The use of composite materials” at Belgrade meeting

At a recent energy meeting in Belgrade, a number of Belzona representatives delivered a series of lectures, entitled “The use of composite materials in Petrol and Energy”. Coordinated by both UETS (Union of Engineers & Technicians of Serbia) and Ivan Strelar, our distributor in Croatia, the aim of the lectures was to familiarise participants with the use of composite materials, with particular reference to Belzona’s work throughout the energy industry.

Those attending the event were all members of the UETS, overall consisting of engineers from all industries throughout Serbia. Belzona speakers included Jérémie Maillard, commercial manager for Oil and Gas; Ivan Strelar, Director of ISEA d.o.o; and Zdravko Grbic, a mechanical engineer lecturing on his experiences with Belzona composite materials on concrete applications. These lectures have since been included within the common European programme for the professional development and training of members of Serbian Chamber of Engineers in the field.

Belzona speakers explore “The use of composite materials” at Belgrade meeting

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