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With our participation in tradeshows and conferences and our innovative news pertaining to our technologically advanced products and repair solutions, Belzona is constantly making headlines in the world of composite materials and coatings.


Issue #110 In Focus: Mechanical Repairs

Unexpected shutdowns and subsequent downtime can be very costly to asset owners and operators. Ironically, the smallest parts can sometimes cause the biggest losses. Mechanical elements with close tolerances such as drive rollers, shafts, mechanical joints and bearing housings are susceptible to wear at accelerated rates, particularly when exposed to corrosion or dust and fine particles in the environment which become trapped between mating surfaces. Once the damage is discovered, it needs to be repaired quickly, with minimal delays and downtime. In Focus: Mechanical Repairs details Belzona cold applied repair and protection solutions, illustrated by case studies showcasing how the system fares after years in service.

Issue #110 In Focus: Mechanical Repairs

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