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With our participation in tradeshows and conferences and our innovative news pertaining to our technologically advanced products and repair solutions, Belzona is constantly making headlines in the world of composite materials and coatings.


Belzona represented at NACE: Bring on the Heat Europe

Ivan Ordaz‚ Belzona Technical Service Manager‚ will be presenting at an upcoming NACE Conference in Frankfurt on November 15th. His presentation will focus on the latest advancements in the polymer coatings for high temperature immersion service. View the full conference program here.

Based on the success of the ‘Bring on the Heat’ conferences held around the world‚ the European conference features an informative look into how coatings are used in facilities with high-temperature infrastructure. This event will provide presentations‚ case studies and forum discussions on insulation management‚ passive fire protection‚ high-temperature coatings and related corrosion prevention methods with some of the industry's leading professionals in fireproofing‚ high-temperature and other protective coatings. The conference will allow for an exchange of the latest information between plant upper management‚ engineers‚ inspectors and coating professionals.

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