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With our participation in tradeshows and conferences and our innovative news pertaining to our technologically advanced products and repair solutions, Belzona is constantly making headlines in the world of composite materials and coatings.


Belzona Making a Splash at SMM

The first week of September will see hundreds of vendors, asset owners and contractors flock to Hamburg to take part in the leading international maritime trade fair, SMM. Now in its 30th year, this event presents an excellent platform for networking, exchanging experiences and witnessing the latest innovations the Marine sector can offer!

Belzona will be using this opportunity to showcase their solutions to erosion, corrosion and cavitation in Hall B5, stand 123.


leak in a corroded hull















Leaks developed in a corroded hull


  • Repair

Belzona is known for supplying and supplementing onboard repair kits all around the world. Metal, rubber and plastic can all be repaired with ambient temperature curing epoxies and polyurethanes. The latest offering combines several features of these known and trusted materials. Belzona’s representative in Turkey, Oguzcan Sarikaya of Inter-Mar said: “Characteristics like surface-tolerance, fast cure, low-temperature cure and excellent adhesion to manually prepared surfaces are now all a part of a single product. As a result, at sea repairs can be smooth sailing no matter their complexity.”


cavitation damage
















Cavitated rudder


  • Protect

One of the key solutions on display will be an epoxy and polyurethane coating system, which has been designed to withstand the effects of extremely high, localised pressures created by cavitation and erosion. Belzona’s representative in Germany, Tim Meyer of Belzona Service Nord, commented: “We have successfully carried out a variety of applications in marine vessels, developing an extensive know-how and track record in this area, ensuring high quality applications throughout commercial, leisure and military sectors.”

pitting corrosion















Bearing housing corrosion


  • Improve

Belzona’s 100% solids epoxies are liquid applied yet durable in service. Their adhesive and compressive strength presents excellent bonding and shimming opportunities. Bonding the rudder bearing into position, Belzona epoxy resins provide a 100% contact between the bush and the housing, ensuring a permanent vibration-free location and preventing galvanic and crevice corrosion.


Want to see how problems illustrated in the pictures were solved?

Visit Belzona at B5.123

Belzona Making a Splash at SMM

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