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Wastewater 3D Map

Find ways to protect a wastewater plant from typical problems including erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. Use the 3D-map to uncover a range of solutions aimed at offering long-term protection to treatment facilities.

Hydropower 3D Map

Navigate your way through a sample hydropower plant. Discover common maintenance problems and their Belzona solutions, such as the repair and protection of turbines.

Mining 3D Map

Learn about the harsh environments of the Mining industry which causes issues such as erosion and abrasion. Discover how to eliminate the need for equipment replacement with Belzona’s metal and rubber repair composites and protective coatings.

Marine 3D Map

Climb aboard a sample vessel and navigate through various maintenance problems and solutions to erosion, corrosion and cavitation. Discover opportunities to utilize innovative repair solutions at sea or in a shipyard.

Offshore 3D Map

Discover areas and equipment typical for most types of offshore platforms. With this map you can learn what problems offshore platforms may experience and how to mitigate and solve them, utilizing polymeric technology.